Saturday, February 21, 2015

Preserving The BOUNTY...

How perfectly
to at the same
always feel like
far too much 
and yet
never quite
-Tyler Knott Gregson-

BLESSED Saturday... from the farm, tis' the season
for winter's glory, that IS if summer's bounty
was a SURPLUS in '2014'!

There is NO better way to preserve summer's
bounty, than the GOOD, ole' fashion
'drying' way!

AND... here at the farm, herbs
are a MUST for harvesting & drying ALL
... in anticipation of those longer,
winter days that are SURE to arrive!

EVEN... veggie's are hurriedly gathered
before Old, Man Frost comes to visit!

While they are STILL fresh...
I string them one by one with a fine
needle & quilter's thread.


Shown here is autumn's bounty of
an HEIRLOOM variety... called
'Fish Pepper'!  THIS one, particular
variety get's TOP performer
in the garden & has a hotness
that goes BEYOND an jalapeno!
I grow this variety for culinary use,
as well as the BEAUTY it adds in
dried floral's & garlands!

The SIMPLEST of detail brings
a setting OR vignette to life!
And what better way... than using
the GLORIOUS wonder, in which
Mother Nature has to offer!

Hoping this inspires YOU...
to bring a bounty of nature indoors!

~BLESSED... day~ 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SPRING is JUST around the bend...

Without the winter, 
how would we 
know it's spring? 
 ~Gail Peterson

~BLESSED evening... from the farm~ beneath 
14+ inches of snow here in Kentucky!  
Looking at THIS post... you wouldn't think it... BUT, 
when you need some spirit lifting... what better way
then a SIMPLE... easy-peasy project that spells... SPRING!

HERE you will see... I've gathered the essentials in order to create
 THESE darling... recycled SPRING can's!

Of course... as you can see,
 I've collected an assortment of tin cans!
Family, friends & customers alike make periodical drop-offs
here at the farm with recycled treasures,
knowing all to well... I will have a purpose OR plan!

Noticing EVEN down to the egg shells...
NOTHING goes to the wayside here!

Come EARLY spring... seed are being sown at a feverish rate,
with wheat OR rye grass being one of the EARLIEST to be sown.
It makes for the fastest growing grass with dark, green lushness...
& brings freshness to the table at spring time!

Taking egg shell halves... fill with a potting soil mixture,
 broad-cast the wheat OR rye grass seed.
 Then VERY lightly sprinkle with a thin layer
of soil mixture... water gently & place in a warm, sunny location.

In order to add height & to create a more whimsical look...
a filler of any kind will do,
here I've used a natural, fine wood excelsior.

Embellishing the recycled, tin can... is the FUN part...
if your like me, you have ALL kinds of string,
ribbon & other snippets
to bring your creation to life!

To add a touch of color & for interest
sake... I tucked a block of VIBRANT
material toward the back of can.

NOW... to nestle in the freshly
grown grass, that's already been trimmed
once for the season... & will surely
need MORE before it's said & done!

Each can received three, egg shell planters!

Lastly, BUT not least...
every token of gratitude... needs
a label OR tag of some sort!
Even if it's for your own home decor...
STILL add a piece of vintage paper,
stamped tag, label... & preferably
with a meaningful quote OR word!

SO... gather your goodes, 
put on a tune of soothing music, 
pour your hot beverage of choice... &
send waves of HOPE!  
HOPE that spring is JUST around
the bend...

"Everything that is done in
the world is done by hope."
~Martin Luther

Sending along... 
SWEET blessings, from the farm!