Saturday, May 3, 2014

'Run For The Roses'...

'Mint Julep Cup & a 'Freedom' Rose'

It's time... an event that brings Kentucky LOTS of fame...
a time when Kentucky has the opportunity to offer up
MUCH hospitality to all the newcomers... & a grand 
moment that is ALWAYS recorded in history!

This year... '2014'
marks the '140' Run For The Roses,
'Kentucky Derby'...
make it a celebration NO matter where
you will be watching the race!

SWEET blessings... from the farm!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

SIMPLE Garden Days...

Oh... Happy Day!

Sweet... GREETINGS from the farm!

Spring has definitely SPRUNG about the gardens here, & the
WEEDS have taken on a lead, that seems ALMOST
unapproachable to JUST get in position to control
the take-over!  Especially when the intent is to maintain
the grounds chemical-FREE!  
This DAILY job involves; endless hours, knee pad, garden gloves, 
a set of  'Corona ~ Garden Tools'
 (PLEASE, visit the link, to learn more),
apron, floppy, brimmed hat... OR scarf & a tall, glass
of sweet tea in the distance!
Volunteers are WELCOME... ;D

And of course, we are DELIGHTED 
with Nature's own... with the return of spring ALWAYS
bring the Robin's in for nesting & nurturing their young!

SWEET blossoms are standing tall as the spring
days go about... such as the ole-fashion... 'Bleeding Heart', one
in which bring you to the days of long ago, whether it be
your mother's garden OR grandmother... it was & STILL

today is a MUST for the shade garden!

Hoping this day finds YOU well & on your way to the garden... with an IMPORTANT reminder... 
that TODAY is 'The National Day of Prayer'...
'One Voice United in Prayer'!

Blessings... from my garden to YOURS!