Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quiet Moments...

'QUIET MOMENTS'... something I've longed for these past few weeks_ moments I can JUST sit & ponder on the possibilities of one's life_ the DREAMS that can be filled in short moments of time, but can take a lifetime as well.  The decision's that have to be made are determined during those... 'QUIET MOMENTS'.

I have to say... ALOT of tea has been consumed during those 'QUIET MOMENTS' & has helped in keeping me CALM & STILL to hear the words my Heavenly Father has spoken to me.

All you have to do
is decide what to do
with the time that is given you.
~ J. R. R. Tolkien

And you shall seek Me and
find Me when you shall search
for Me with all your heart
Jeremiah 29:13

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


WELL... this is JUST a glimpse of what's to come in the near future for Beehind Thyme, I've been holding out for sometime now & GOODNESS has it been tough. PLEASE... bare with the video, this version here on YouTube is UNEDITED, but I assure you it's in the process of being edited by Arlena Schott host & producer of GARDEN WISE LIVING TV. I will have my final cut this upcoming Sunday which will be airing on many channels throughout the United States & Canada in the near future. I'm VERY excited about what's happening here at Beehind Thyme & my hope is that you will ENJOY! You may want to scroll down & turn off the auto music before starting the video...


Coming 'LIVE' from the POTTING SHED...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Kindness...

A couple of weeks back, I was bundling ROSEMARY almost in an assembly line pattern, unfortunately I was the ONLY one on that assembly line, which of course, made things run alittle slower, BUT they all got completed & was MERRILY on their way to a SWEET Nursing Home in a nearby county. Oh, how I wish I could be there to see the faces of the elder ENJOYING the sight & smell of FRESH ROSEMARY at Christmas time.  Much KINDNESS is shown in such SIMPLE ways my friends.

There are no great things,
only small things with great love,
Happy are those.
~Mother Teresa

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Mandarin Orange Cake'

FINALLY... I'm here to share this WONDERFUL recipe, that I had promised over on FACEBOOK.  I've been towing somewhat behind the last few days, especially since we went away this past weekend... I NOW have to play catch up!

The first time I baked this... MANDARIN ORANGE CAKE was for one of our 'WINTER HOME GATHERINGS' & I have to say... IT WAS A HIT & now I want to share it with YOU!

So go tie on an apron & gather your ingredients...

'Mandarin Orange Cake'

1 Golden Cake Mix (of your choice)
1 C Oil
4 Eggs
1 Lg Can of Mandarin Oranges WITH Juice
1 Lg Pkg of Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 Lg Cool Whip
1 Lg Can Crushed Pineapple WITH Juice

Mix cake mix, oil, eggs & mandarin oranges with juice together; DO NOT USE MIXER.  Bake in greased 9 x 13 pan according to cake directions on box.  Mix remaining ingredients together for icing. Frost cake when cool & then refrigerate cake.

Such an EASY & DELIGHTFUL dessert for the Christmas season... ENJOY my friends, from my kitchen to yours!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments...

JUST as children like to do... I, myself enjoys the season, cutting GINGERBREAD girls & boys out as well, here I've used a VINTAGE GINGERBREAD cookie cutter, placing the 'X' in the dough before baking.  This APPLESAUCE CINNAMON dough has been a favorite of mine for years now along with the SALT DOUGH, that I will share another time. 

Not only use these ornaments on the tree... tie them on your favorite packages OR place them on wreaths, garlands, etc.

And the children will have a GRAND time rolling in this fragrant dough...
Here is the recipe I have used for years... there are alot out there & some may vary, some allow them to air dry OR bake in an oven, it's your preference... BUT I love the added aroma to my home during the baking process.

1/2 cup CINNAMON
Blend the '2' ingredients together to make a dough, should have the consistency of a cookie dough. Roll out... hopefully the dough will roll without cracking, if it's dry... just add more APPLESAUCE, but only a TBLS at a time. Roll to thickness desired, around 1/4", use CINNAMON to keep the dough from sticking to surface. Once rolled out start cutting into shapes with COOKIE CUTTERS, using a straw OR toothpick for making holes for the hanging.
Place ornaments onto a baking sheet with cookie spatula, BAKE at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Check frequently, depending on thickness that will determine the time your GINGERBREAD spend in the oven. Remove to a cooling rack. Then you are ready to add ribbon, string OR jute for tying OR hanging.

ENJOY my friends... NOW go turn on the Christmas music, tie on an apron & begin to make MEMORIES for years to come.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's a BLESSED SUNDAY, here at the Anthony's...

Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
~ Robert Montgomery

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalm 100:4-5

Hoping you & yours a bountiful, meaningful Thanksgiving...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yuletide Christmas Open House... PART 2

As you pull into our... little farm, you will be greeted by a warm "MERRY CHRISTMAS" that's attached to an OLD, AMISH WAGON created JUST for you!

Hold tight... we are disconnecting all the lamp post around here... using them for CENTERPIECES, LUMINARIES & BIRD FEEDERS! 
Here is a beloved favorite & popular choice amongst beginners to houseplant enthusiasts the... SPIDER PLANT! They also make a great filler when planting containers.  We offer it in hanging baskets & other variety of planters. 

FRESH pine, cedar, cones & magnolia welcomes the season in!

A majestic SNOWMAN greeted everyone... it was VERY hard to see him go, JUST may have to create another one in remembrance.

BURLAP ROSEMARY was a hit...

Front entrance to the GATHERING PLACE... with planters filled with SKYE PENCIL HOLLIES & tied with velvety bows.

A customers purchase...

Rustic & Worn is my LOVE & this TWIG TABLE has that written all over it!  One of our KITCHEN, SAGE WREATHS hangs so nicely with a glow of twinkling lights from the tree.  THIS has to be my FAVORITE photo of the day, just warms my soul!

Be looking for PART 3... after Thanksgiving, I would like to spend some time enjoying this special holiday, but I will be doing a THANKSGIVING post.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Yuletide Christmas Open House... PART 1

Welcome... to our 'Yuletide Christmas Open House' right here in the COUNTRY!  This will be PART 1, due to PICTURE OVERLOAD... SO many photo's were taken, PLEASE do come back now!

We DEARLY love our APRONS here at Beehind Thyme, whether it be wearing them, hanging them OR offering them to you. JUST got to have an APRON, for all the baking goin' on during the upcoming holiday's!

Some of my favorite SNOWFOLK... They are hand-cut from OLD, KENTUCKY, BARN ROOFING... NOT an easy task, I might add!

'GREETINGS' followed by a whole lot of 'HOPE'!

Oh, how I LOVE this GLASS HOUSE I made from scrap windows & some cast-off wood trim... the little, red table fit perfect with FRESH, POTTED ROSEMARY... what more could you want! :)

SIMPLICITY... I'm getting there more every day!

Got the winning bid on this... AQUA BLUE WHEELBARROW, at an Amish Auction in the early Fall, just looks SO farm-girlish!

Another glimpse into one of our shops here at our little farm... & YES, that is a GUTTER hanging filled with clear, twinkling lights!

A peek into the GLASS HOUSE again... with one of our SIGNATURE, DOOR ORNAMENTS... which is HANDMADE here!

I TRULY hope that you enjoyed PART 1... of our 'Yuletide Christmas Open House', I will be looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming days.

I have some EXCITING NEWS coming just around the bend... I can't wait to share with my ONLINE FAMILY!

And if your not a follower of my blog, PLEASE... add your name so I know you've been here OR leave a comment, I would LOVE to visit with you!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hoping to see you... Saturday for a "Yuletide Christmas Open House" here at Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares.  Nothing FANCY here... JUST SIMPLE!  Visit with old friends, enjoy delicious food & browse through our SHOPS, POTTING SHED & GREENHOUSE to set the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baking a PUMPKIN...

Well... Thanksgiving is fast approaching & we ALL know PUMPKIN PIE is on the menu! Here at our home, we like to do what we can to contribute to our pantry, using fresh, local grown produce. SO today we are baking a SWEET PIE PUMPKIN, shown is a step-by-step tutorial on just how to do that... ANY type of pumpkin can be used, but may not have that sweetness that a PIE PUMPKIN has to offer.  Be sure that your PUMPKIN is firm with no deep scarring.
1st... Clean the skin of the PUMPKIN throughly & slice PUMPKIN in half leaving the stem attached to one side.  Of course, it's better to do this with a sharp knife while using a cutting board as your base.
Your PUMPKIN will look JUST like this...

NOW taking a spoon OR your hand scoop out ALL the seed & stringiness that goes along with the seed.  Here at our place... PUMPKIN SEED are a favorite this time of year.

Cleaned & ready for roasting...
NOW, back to our baking... place the two halves face down on the baking pan OR dish, add 1/2 cup of water. Bake at 350 for ABOUT 45 minutes, until tender... this GREATLY depends on the size of PUMPKIN, you can prick with fork to test for tenderness.

By now your home smells divine... make sure you've tied on an apron & the music is JUST right... I promise, your spirit will be lifted!!!

Your PUMPKIN should be very tender now for easy scooping... using a large, metal spoon scrap PUMPKIN filling away from skin & discard the skin, preferably to your compost. PUMPKIN can be put through a blender to get some of the stringiness out, but I actually used PUMPKIN as is.  I added butter & brown sugar for an afternoon delight!

Can be stored in refrigerator upto 5 days...

I TRULY hope that this has encouraged you to bake up those leftover PUMPKINS OR go out & purchase some PIE PUMPKINS from your local farmer for this upcoming Thanksgiving.

Autumn Blessings!