Monday, November 14, 2011

Baking a PUMPKIN...

Well... Thanksgiving is fast approaching & we ALL know PUMPKIN PIE is on the menu! Here at our home, we like to do what we can to contribute to our pantry, using fresh, local grown produce. SO today we are baking a SWEET PIE PUMPKIN, shown is a step-by-step tutorial on just how to do that... ANY type of pumpkin can be used, but may not have that sweetness that a PIE PUMPKIN has to offer.  Be sure that your PUMPKIN is firm with no deep scarring.
1st... Clean the skin of the PUMPKIN throughly & slice PUMPKIN in half leaving the stem attached to one side.  Of course, it's better to do this with a sharp knife while using a cutting board as your base.
Your PUMPKIN will look JUST like this...

NOW taking a spoon OR your hand scoop out ALL the seed & stringiness that goes along with the seed.  Here at our place... PUMPKIN SEED are a favorite this time of year.

Cleaned & ready for roasting...
NOW, back to our baking... place the two halves face down on the baking pan OR dish, add 1/2 cup of water. Bake at 350 for ABOUT 45 minutes, until tender... this GREATLY depends on the size of PUMPKIN, you can prick with fork to test for tenderness.

By now your home smells divine... make sure you've tied on an apron & the music is JUST right... I promise, your spirit will be lifted!!!

Your PUMPKIN should be very tender now for easy scooping... using a large, metal spoon scrap PUMPKIN filling away from skin & discard the skin, preferably to your compost. PUMPKIN can be put through a blender to get some of the stringiness out, but I actually used PUMPKIN as is.  I added butter & brown sugar for an afternoon delight!

Can be stored in refrigerator upto 5 days...

I TRULY hope that this has encouraged you to bake up those leftover PUMPKINS OR go out & purchase some PIE PUMPKINS from your local farmer for this upcoming Thanksgiving.

Autumn Blessings!

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