Friday, July 24, 2015


is about
subtracting the obvious 
and adding 
- John Maeda 

There's NOTHING like a freshly cut
hydrangea stem... especially
when it's a 'Blue Nikko' blossom
filled to it's fullest!

HAPPY Summer, lovely folks!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

ROSE talk...

The point is to turn your grief into love.
The roses are helping you find grace.
- Holly Lynn Payne

Momma's rose is blooming... ONLY once this season,
have I found myself to gather up enough strength
to take in the BEAUTY & to soak in the
 fragrance of SWEETNESS!

The multiple visits, daily to Momma's,
 throughout the summer months, was enchanted by the
GRACEFULNESS of this one, particular rose!

A rose that once greeted you at my Mother's drive...
now is planted at an ole' wheat bin near the greenhouse
here on the property!

Oh, how I miss my PRECIOUS... Momma & the love she
SO graciously offered through the wisdom she
bestowed upon the lives of others!

With a relocation to the farm...
her garden's thrive today, with ALL the love within me!
No, matter where I go... her garden will follow!

THANK YOU, for sharing
my morning of rose talk...
~ Sincerely...