Saturday, July 11, 2015

ROSE talk...

The point is to turn your grief into love.
The roses are helping you find grace.
- Holly Lynn Payne

Momma's rose is blooming... ONLY once this season,
have I found myself to gather up enough strength
to take in the BEAUTY & to soak in the
 fragrance of SWEETNESS!

The multiple visits, daily to Momma's,
 throughout the summer months, was enchanted by the
GRACEFULNESS of this one, particular rose!

A rose that once greeted you at my Mother's drive...
now is planted at an ole' wheat bin near the greenhouse
here on the property!

Oh, how I miss my PRECIOUS... Momma & the love she
SO graciously offered through the wisdom she
bestowed upon the lives of others!

With a relocation to the farm...
her garden's thrive today, with ALL the love within me!
No, matter where I go... her garden will follow!

THANK YOU, for sharing
my morning of rose talk...
~ Sincerely... 

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