Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The 'RULES' of Life...

R there such a thing, 
one has to sit & ponder the thought!
~Pamela Anthony 

Pondering the thought of 'RULES'...
you may say... why, YES... they are to life as air is to breathing!

BUT, throughout life... often times than NOT, there
have been those imaginary 'RULES' that filled my mind with
what I thought was the gospel, you know...
those 'RULES' that came from everyone else's view, opinions
OR tradition!  And, I JUST assumed... not wanting to create OR
make a fuss... allowed THEIR 'RULES' to have an impact on how
I lived my life OR reacted to certain circumstances!

Well... with each passing year of '43', there has been
learning curves, suffering pain & raw grief that has ALMOST destroyed
everything that was used in my creation from God, my heart & soul!

It's brought me to a point, a chapter... better yet... a season!
A season, in which... would not have BLOSSOMED without the past years of
what was JUST described, NOTHING I would hope upon my worst enemy
(heaven forbid if I have any)!  BUT, what the devil meant for harm, God
brought forth good in order to bring about my current being!

Therefore... I've claimed VICTORY over
those so-called 'RULES' that kept me bound with restrictions & doubt
for SO many years!  

There is & are GLORIFIED reason's for my life today...
a life JUST not of existing, BUT, of a life worth living X 10!

Not, ONLY did I share these words for me, BUT most importantly
for someone else, whom may have OR may be there at this VERY moment...
to believe & know, without a shadow of a doubt... YOU TOO ARE WORTH SAVING!

God created YOU & I for greatness... it's up to YOU & I to claim that GREATNESS!
He NEVER said the cross would be light... it carries weight, a weight worth
carrying... throughout the season's of life!

NOW, pick it up & GO forth to your GREATNESS, my friend!

JUST in case your wondering... 

Why... I paired these photos up with this testimony...
WELL... they are apart of my evolving... my life without the following
of 'RULES' from others, from the past of pleasing others!

I've been on the road since September 2014 now... following my heart & WHEREVER
the road may lead!  The opportunities have surpassed ANYTHING of my
understanding & continues to bless my soul!  My goal is for other's
to see JESUS through what I have to offer along the path of road trips!

It's NOT by my hand, BUT by His grace & strength!
~Pamela Anthony


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