Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The SIGN or the TIMES...

As I've been consumed by SO much lately, my mind overwhelmed with duties that have surpassed my ability to complete all of them.  I find myself drifting away to a more SIMPLE surrounding, more like a COTTAGE LIVING.  A COTTAGE nestled amongst tall trees, but within view of the OCEAN with waves coming in bringing sea treasures of shells, fossils & seaweed for an avid collector as myself.  To spend the early mornings strolling about with coffee in hand & a basket swinging from my arms JUST for those treasures waiting in the sand.  I have had SUCH a longing for a place as this... 

 Is it a SIGN or JUST the TIMES of today???

BUT for now... I have this chalked on my laundry room door, JUST for a reminder... that this is the REALITY at this moment in my life, doesn't mean... the COTTAGE LIVING will never come... JUST means it will be in another chapter in my life, God has the plans... & it will ALL be in His timing, NOT mine!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long Over Due...

Greetings... I'm extremely sorry that I've failed on keeping my post upto date here on my blog.  I TRULY hope you have been following me on FACEBOOK to get the latest happenings.

'TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE', that's for sure! 

Ummmmm, let's JUST say, sometime ago I had promised to share one of my recipes that I ravished SO much about... Well, I'm here to do so this evening!
'DELIGHTFUL TURNIP SOUP', I think that's what I will call my LIGHT & SCRUMPIOUS soup that just SO happened one evening. 

About 2 lbs of FRESH turnips
1 FRESH apple
2-3 TBLS of REAL butter (homemade if available)
1 TBLS sugar
salt & pepper to your taste

Peel turnips... peeling the apple is optional, I normally do peel, but the peeling gives much color to the soup.  Slice turnips & the apple into chucks the size for eating, I prefer smaller chucks (as shown).
Fill a large pot half full with water, add the turnips & apple along with the butter, sugar, salt & pepper to your likin'.  Cover with lid & simmer for about 20 minutes OR until the turnips are tender to your preference.  Serve FRESH off the stove...
The APPLE gives MUCH flavor to the turnips!
I use ANY leftovers to go in stew OR vegetable soup.