Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long Over Due...

Greetings... I'm extremely sorry that I've failed on keeping my post upto date here on my blog.  I TRULY hope you have been following me on FACEBOOK to get the latest happenings.

'TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE', that's for sure! 

Ummmmm, let's JUST say, sometime ago I had promised to share one of my recipes that I ravished SO much about... Well, I'm here to do so this evening!
'DELIGHTFUL TURNIP SOUP', I think that's what I will call my LIGHT & SCRUMPIOUS soup that just SO happened one evening. 

About 2 lbs of FRESH turnips
1 FRESH apple
2-3 TBLS of REAL butter (homemade if available)
1 TBLS sugar
salt & pepper to your taste

Peel turnips... peeling the apple is optional, I normally do peel, but the peeling gives much color to the soup.  Slice turnips & the apple into chucks the size for eating, I prefer smaller chucks (as shown).
Fill a large pot half full with water, add the turnips & apple along with the butter, sugar, salt & pepper to your likin'.  Cover with lid & simmer for about 20 minutes OR until the turnips are tender to your preference.  Serve FRESH off the stove...
The APPLE gives MUCH flavor to the turnips!
I use ANY leftovers to go in stew OR vegetable soup.


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