Thursday, July 31, 2014

Come Along 4 Some... 'JUNK' Goodness...

'SALE' Preparedness 

Thursday GREETINGS... from the farm,
bee boxes & ALL!

Words are FEW, due to the fact...
time waits for NO one!

YOU see... it's loading time for
the world's, longest road sale...
THE '127 Corridor Sale' along HWY 127
stretching across 690 miles from
Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL...
with THE headquarters being in Jamestown, KY!

And folks... THAT'S the exact
location you will find...
'Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden',
along with MANY other
creative & talented souls!

'SALE' officially starts...
August 7th ~ 10th!

As well as... FOOD VENDORS, offering the
BEST 'BBQ' this side of the south!

'French Valley Farms' are hosting their location
for this attraction... THERE you will find
this mix of GOODNESS...

MapQuest OR GPS... your way there!
1742 N Main
Jamestown, KY 42629

LOTS of rustic, vintage, farmhouse,
primitive flair to be had... ALONG with handmade, ORIGINAL goodes...

PLEASE, allow me to offer YOU...
my business contact, JUST in case YOU
find that info to be useful!

Business Contact: 270-789-3143
And ANY of the other Social Media Sites...
they are located in upper, right hand corner
of this blog site!

Look forward to meeting MANY, new folks
& seeing ALL the smiling faces!

SWEET blessings... from the farm!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vina B's BOUQUETS...

'It is at the edge of a petal
that love waits.'
~William Carlos William

Good Evening... SWEET folks!

It's Tuesday evening... & things are readying
for tomorrow's... 'Vina B's BOUQUETS'
here at the farm!
Wednesday's are sit aside to offer an array
of FRESH-CUT flowers... in the form of
ready-made bouquets OR make & take!
You ask, 'WHY Wednesday?'...
Well, it's Mid-Week... & the flowers,
in which I grow here at the farm...
pack with them, a GOOD vase life!
SO, therefore... you have the enjoyment
of BEAUTIFUL flowers throughout the
weekend & onto the next, week following!

ALL flowers grown from seed this year
are... HEIRLOOM & they are preforming
an outstanding show!

Shoppe OPENS... 10AM 'EST'


Look forward to seeing YOU... here in the country!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Good 'Monday' Morning...

Monday... GREETINGS, from the farm!

These words ring SO true... claim & apply

them to your daily walk... they are 
a constant reminder for the soul...
©'My Apron Pocket'!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tis the SUMMER season...

Tis the season for...
Blackberry Pickin'

And with that being said... 
I'm here to share a DELIGHTFUL, summer
recipe that will surely bring JOY to the table!

'Blackberry Pudding'
from my kitchen to YOURS... 

First... cream 1/3 cup margarine
with 1 cup sugar, until light & fluffy.

Add 1 cup milk... 

Sift... 2 cups 'self-rising' flour...

Add flour & mix well... 

Batter is NOW ready for pouring... 

Optional... I prefer to use an iron skillet
when baking cobblers/puddings, BUT
you may have a different preference/choice.
Either way... coating them with a non-stick
staple will result in a more, friendly result!

HERE... I have chosen to use REAL lard
& butter combined... LOVE the tasty, crust
it gives... & this can be used in ANY
baking recipe!

Pour into your baking dish, skillet, pan, etc...

Scoop up your farm, FRESH berries...
layering them about the batter.

HERE... I have prepared...
2 cups boiling water, adding 1 cup of sugar,
stir until sugar is completely dissolved.
Then drizzle over your combined
mixture of berries & batter.

*NOTE:  I, personally ONLY use
half (1 cup) of this glaze... for one;
this size skillet refuses to hold any more...
two; I have found 1 cup makes it JUST
the right consistency & doesn't over-power
the taste!

Folks... it's NOW ready to go into the oven...
Bake at 350 degrees ~ for 50 minutes,
depending ALL upon the oven's personality!

And TAA-DAA...
this scrumptious site will be your end result!

And YES, it's truly in sight of a cobbler,
BUT by adding the glaze, it knocks
your taste-buds...
out-of-the-ballpark in flavor! 

DEFINITELY a must have for your
next summer gathering...

JUST be sure to seek out a LOCAL farmer...
& support them that take pride in growing what
nature has allowed... with hard work, sweat &
loving care to delivery YOU a fine product!

SWEET blessings... from the farm!
And PLEASE, do visit me from time to time...
you NEVER know what's about to happen!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day... CELEBRATION

'In God is our trust.'
And the star-spangled banner
in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave!
~Francis Scott Key

SWEET greetings, from the farm...
an 'Independence' greeting at that!

As the 4th rolls around...
we all are anticipating the gathering of
family & friends, whether it's YOU
being the hostess or YOU'RE
contributing to the feast at
someone else's home! 
And along with this week
up til the celebration... there are the
decisions & preparation
of WHAT to serve/offer OR bring
for family & friends to feast on!

Well, here today... I'm offering...
one of my TRIED & TRUE, side dishes!
One that is all-too-well known, especially
throughout the grilling season!
BUT, there are several ingredients in
which I have taken upon myself to add
& they are SURE to make a difference!
SO, let's begin... shall we...

'Spicy Grilled Cabbage'

Prepare cabbage, slice into 8 wedge pieces, 
placing on a double layer of foil.  Cut one, large
'Vidalia' onion into wedges, scattering about.
Remove seed & chop several
'Corno Di Toro Giallo'  peppers & add.
Add FRESH garlic, to YOUR taste ~
Slather with REAL butter & give the
ingredients a drizzle of olive oil, with
a drop of hot sauce, again, YOUR taste!
 Sprinkle with mineral salt, crushed, black pepper
& paprika.  And DON'T let barbecue sauce 
be restricted with only meat... CABBAGE
is delish smothered in a specialty sauce
as well!

Cover & seal foil... throw on the grill 
before hand, to allow for complete tenderness... 
unless you parboil the cabbage, first!
Time will vary upon grills & temp... 

ENJOY, each & every bite...
Being here in the 'Bluegrass State',
as well as MANY other states... outdoor
festivities will be high on the agenda!
Cook-Outs, Barbecue's, Porch Parties...
will be hopping to the tune of music,
laughter & popping firework!

SO let's NOT 
forget about the center of those tables,
this weekend!  Adding FRESH-CUT flowers 
TRULY does something for the soul!

Here at 'Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden'...
we will be adding SUNFLOWERS to 
mason jars, wrapped in burlap with flags
tucked in each one... NOW that's sure
to spread some CHEER!

Here's to... 
Hoping EACH of YOU a happy & safe...
Independence Day!