Monday, July 21, 2014

Tis the SUMMER season...

Tis the season for...
Blackberry Pickin'

And with that being said... 
I'm here to share a DELIGHTFUL, summer
recipe that will surely bring JOY to the table!

'Blackberry Pudding'
from my kitchen to YOURS... 

First... cream 1/3 cup margarine
with 1 cup sugar, until light & fluffy.

Add 1 cup milk... 

Sift... 2 cups 'self-rising' flour...

Add flour & mix well... 

Batter is NOW ready for pouring... 

Optional... I prefer to use an iron skillet
when baking cobblers/puddings, BUT
you may have a different preference/choice.
Either way... coating them with a non-stick
staple will result in a more, friendly result!

HERE... I have chosen to use REAL lard
& butter combined... LOVE the tasty, crust
it gives... & this can be used in ANY
baking recipe!

Pour into your baking dish, skillet, pan, etc...

Scoop up your farm, FRESH berries...
layering them about the batter.

HERE... I have prepared...
2 cups boiling water, adding 1 cup of sugar,
stir until sugar is completely dissolved.
Then drizzle over your combined
mixture of berries & batter.

*NOTE:  I, personally ONLY use
half (1 cup) of this glaze... for one;
this size skillet refuses to hold any more...
two; I have found 1 cup makes it JUST
the right consistency & doesn't over-power
the taste!

Folks... it's NOW ready to go into the oven...
Bake at 350 degrees ~ for 50 minutes,
depending ALL upon the oven's personality!

And TAA-DAA...
this scrumptious site will be your end result!

And YES, it's truly in sight of a cobbler,
BUT by adding the glaze, it knocks
your taste-buds...
out-of-the-ballpark in flavor! 

DEFINITELY a must have for your
next summer gathering...

JUST be sure to seek out a LOCAL farmer...
& support them that take pride in growing what
nature has allowed... with hard work, sweat &
loving care to delivery YOU a fine product!

SWEET blessings... from the farm!
And PLEASE, do visit me from time to time...
you NEVER know what's about to happen!


  1. Good morning, Pamela. Lovely, lovely blog you have here. Your recipe looks and sounds delicious, I will surely try it.

    1. Good Evening... sweetie pie! I'm SO delighted to see you here & THANK YOU, dearly for your kind words!

      Hoping you surely do give this recipe a try... it's a GRANDE thing for summer gatherings!

      BLESSINGS, from the farm!

  2. Pamela, why do cobblers always look so much prettier in a cast iron skillet?! I do love blackberries and will have to stir this up soon.

    1. Good Evening... I'm delighted that you have stopped by to visit! And YES, please... do give this recipe a try... it's SURE to be the hit at your next gathering!

      SWEET blessings... from the farm!


GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene