Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vina B's BOUQUETS...

'It is at the edge of a petal
that love waits.'
~William Carlos William

Good Evening... SWEET folks!

It's Tuesday evening... & things are readying
for tomorrow's... 'Vina B's BOUQUETS'
here at the farm!
Wednesday's are sit aside to offer an array
of FRESH-CUT flowers... in the form of
ready-made bouquets OR make & take!
You ask, 'WHY Wednesday?'...
Well, it's Mid-Week... & the flowers,
in which I grow here at the farm...
pack with them, a GOOD vase life!
SO, therefore... you have the enjoyment
of BEAUTIFUL flowers throughout the
weekend & onto the next, week following!

ALL flowers grown from seed this year
are... HEIRLOOM & they are preforming
an outstanding show!

Shoppe OPENS... 10AM 'EST'


Look forward to seeing YOU... here in the country!

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