Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yuletide Christmas Open House... PART 2

As you pull into our... little farm, you will be greeted by a warm "MERRY CHRISTMAS" that's attached to an OLD, AMISH WAGON created JUST for you!

Hold tight... we are disconnecting all the lamp post around here... using them for CENTERPIECES, LUMINARIES & BIRD FEEDERS! 
Here is a beloved favorite & popular choice amongst beginners to houseplant enthusiasts the... SPIDER PLANT! They also make a great filler when planting containers.  We offer it in hanging baskets & other variety of planters. 

FRESH pine, cedar, cones & magnolia welcomes the season in!

A majestic SNOWMAN greeted everyone... it was VERY hard to see him go, JUST may have to create another one in remembrance.

BURLAP ROSEMARY was a hit...

Front entrance to the GATHERING PLACE... with planters filled with SKYE PENCIL HOLLIES & tied with velvety bows.

A customers purchase...

Rustic & Worn is my LOVE & this TWIG TABLE has that written all over it!  One of our KITCHEN, SAGE WREATHS hangs so nicely with a glow of twinkling lights from the tree.  THIS has to be my FAVORITE photo of the day, just warms my soul!

Be looking for PART 3... after Thanksgiving, I would like to spend some time enjoying this special holiday, but I will be doing a THANKSGIVING post.


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