Friday, November 4, 2011

November's Bliss...

Ahhhhh... November, I truly can't believe it's here, BUT we walk outdoor & nature speaks to us showing signs that November IS here.  SO much to prepare for during this month that has the meaning of... THANKFULNESS.  I wanted to share with you JUST what nature is offering here on our LITTLE FARM...

I'm THANKFUL for this MUM that has survived '4' years now!

And OH, how the MAPLES are putting on a show...

I'm THANKFUL that this MAPLE has grown to provide the beautiful foliage it's offering & for the future shade that I will be SO grateful for.

I DEARLY love chippy, cracked paint especially in WHITE! 

I'm THANKFUL for my hubby laboring to build the patio's that we have here with OLD, RESCUED BRICKS & for the SEDUM that has sneaked in between the cracks.

This is planted by the POTTING SHED & provides lots of shading in the shed.  We all have YET to get the REAL name to this grass/sorghum.

I'm THANKFUL for the TRUE GARDENER that gifted me this plant, it surely has been a conversational plant.

I adore... SIMPLICITY with RUSTY!

I'm THANKFUL to enjoy VINTAGE piece's such as these, that they didn't end up in a landfield somewhere, BUT instead, in my back lawn/yard.

ONLY here you would find... OLD STUMPS for sitting & PLANTED PUMPKINS... This pumpkin is holding one of my FAVORITE'S & our MOST POPULAR here... a perennial named GAILLARDIA.  It blooms ALL Summer & still goes on blooming til hard frost & then returns the following year happy as can be!

I'm THANKFUL for the neighbors offering up these... STUMPS, so we could have more sitting here & there.

LOOKIE... at what I found while cleaning the gardens... the LAST blooming SHASTA DAISY & I truly think all the energy went toward this ONE stem that produced '2' blooms connected... like a '2' headed dragon!

I'm THANKFUL for the Lord allowing me & giving me the health to play in my gardens on a daily basis... THANK YOU LORD!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of November's Bliss here at Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares... Nature can REALLY offer the BEST gifts!

Autumn Blessings...

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