Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Bye Summer... Hello Autumn...

With their heads hung low... the Sunflowers are a sure sign that Summer is coming to a close.  This late Summer, blooming annual has to be one of my favorites!  We love using dried sunflowers in wreaths & bundling them together for hanging, but we CAN'T forget our fun-loving, feathered friends in the garden... the birds feast upon them during the Winter months & are a delight to watch!

Bittersweet... oh how, I DEARLY love this vine, that offers us the vibrant, orange berries for our Autumn decorating needs.  This vine is grown wild here in Kentucky, lots have been lost due to roadside cleanups & such, but I have my place that I return each year... always careful to leave enough for next years harvest, you never want to harvest ALL in one season.  With that being said... we will be offering bundles for sale during our Autumn Open House on Saturday, September 24th... as always there is a limited supply, so come early!
Look closely... you will find what is soon to be in the making... our little, apple orchard, finally. I've been researching this for a year now & took a step to purchase some trees, going by the Farmers Almanac we will be planting September 28th & the largest amount come Spring. If all goes as planned we hope to be harvesting in 3-4 years if not sooner.  But for now... it's back to the planning stage... goodness, never would have thought there were SO many different apple varieties to choose from... decisions, decisions!
Also in the planning... as this Autumn season is upon us, is one of my favorite things to do... baking.  This is a page I've had saved for years now (who would do that, saved for years) that I've clipped to my refrigerater for a reminder to add to my baking list... I can see they may JUST become another favorite here at home.  I will keep you posted & do some sharing of the recipe.  Don't they SCREAM fall???


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