Monday, April 16, 2012

May I TEMPT you...

May I TEMPT you with abit of... COUNTRY LIVIN'???

YES, I have NEW, FEATHERED FRIENDS in the house!
At this moment, I'm listening to chirps & the sound of little bodies crashing against their cardboard home... they are TRYING their best to escape... FREE RANGING is already on their minds. 
The '4' new additions to the farm that I've added are 
2 Red Rangers & 2 White Leghorn, the
White Leghorns will be the first WHITE EGG layers to the flock,
of course... they will stay safe & sound until it's time to be introduced to the other 'LADIES'!

I have TRULY enjoyed this adventure of 'CHICKEN KEEPIN'
& look forward to the MANY rewards from my 'LADIES'!


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