Thursday, June 20, 2013

How does 'YOUR' garden grow???

'Summer Days' are definitely here at the farm...
the gardens are all AGLOW with vibrant colors; the bees
are making their way for daily feedings; butterflies
are fluttering about & I've happened upon
several of my dear friends the... prying mantis.
Oh, & JUST today while adding a few new plants
to one of my favorite gardens
I had a large, toad frog peek through the
creeping thyme 
as if to say... 'this is my home,
glad to meet you', he never moved
while I planted & tidied-up the area.
I hope to see him often as I stroll through!

AND... of course with SUMMER comes the heat...
lately here in Kentucky we have encountered hot & humid days.
The 'Ladies' have found comfort under the
umbrella affect that the tall, flower varieties offer,
such as... Rudbeckia's, Shasta Daisies, Daylilies &
the many grasses that are mingled in the gardens.

SO... what are YOU enjoying from YOUR garden today???
Is it a bloom, a piece of garden art, one of the many
beneficial insects OR just the time of calmness
& peace that is offered when visiting your oasis???

'HAPPY GARDENING' my dear, sweet friends!

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