Monday, July 8, 2013

My Cup RUNNETH Over...

Days have been overwhelming, to say the least!

MUCH to tend to, orders to get out,
mouths to feed, plants to water, gardens to hoe...
I guess you would say...
my cup runneth over, in a pleasing way, I might add!
BUT, I've really... really tried to create
time for JUST sitting... & to ENJOY
what we have set forth to build!

Things may NOT be perfect... OR well tended too,
like the days of the past.  SOMEHOW, I have
slowly evolved OR graduated out of that DEEP
need... to, ummmm, let's say... 'JUMP' when I see
a duty OR chore that has been left undone.
I've latched onto the small moments that
come ONLY once, moments that may have
passed me by, otherwise.

Often times, I find it hard to express myself...
ALWAYS wanting to share my heart, soul & whole being
with whomever may be welling to listen...
 to shine a light, lift a hurting spirit OR
give someone HOPE that all will be WELL!

You see... I'm JUST a daughter, mother, wife,
farmgirl, gardener, entrepreneur that lives in the
Bluegrass State of Kentucky trying to
offer OR share the passion of
creating BEAUTY... to intensify the
SIMPLENESS of everyday living, to share
with 'YOU' that SUCCESS isn't all about money...
it's about FULL-FILLING the desire's of your inner soul! 

We can alter what SUCCESS is... to EACH individual!

TODAY... I have shared a TRUE me... a me that
wants to bring about a better atmosphere
among folks... 'YOU' can build your
own community within communities...

Offer a WARM handshake, a SMILE
OR a SWEET compliment...
'YOU' may be JUST what changes
the environment for a better world!

God knows my/our heart &
the SINCERITY behind our gestures!

Shine BRIGHT for the world to see...


  1. Simply lovely Pamela. Thanks for this beautiful recollection of all things simple and beautiful. Taking time to enjoy is something I tend to 'forget' to do in the midst of rearing children, growing a business, and of course living.

  2. GOOD EVENING... Donna
    THANK YOU, for visiting with me & for taking your dear time to comment.
    I completely agree... & something we all JUST have to work on.
    Hoping you a wonderful & productive Monday... LOL, that's almost gone!


GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene