Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Days R Well Spent...

Welcome... I'm about to share a spot in my little world that I spend many hours in... so go ahead grab yourself a cup of tea, we are having mini-cups today per... Miss Mia. Gotta love these children's tea cups, you really need to sip slowly & savor the moment when using them.  And try to avoid any spills, as shown in photo... we surely had some mishaps, oh, well!

 During this past winter I changed up things in my office/studio, REALLY trying to simplify things here (is there such a thing).  Please, don't mind all the hidden totes, boxes or tucks here & there, I'm still in the process of 'weeding' through alot of my stash. You know it's hard to part with bits & pieces that you've saved back for JUST that RIGHT project... that was NEVER gotten too, so give me some time, I have to breathe inbetween.

 Here is a view coming into the room... ignore my battery cord going across the floor there.  As you can tell... I love me some BOOKS, filled with inspiration. And yes, my fax/phone/copier machine may look... out-of-date to you, but I DO know how to use it, my up-to-date one is attached to my desktop computer & let's just say... I haven't found the time to read the directions!

 Oh, my... you never know what you will find on the little, black table I placed in the middle of room... normally these are item's that have been finished & are ready for selling in the shop.  As you can tell on this day... it was Handpoured Candles made right here & 'Nesting Grass' that is gathered here on our little farm.  Love... the 'Nesting Grass' for Spring decorating & yes, it's even used in the children's Easter baskets.

 In my little place... 'Where Days R Well Spent' you will find things that bring be warmth, happiness & peace!  I've taken a liking to... Wasp Nest & now is the time to gather them, before they find new renters.  I adore what nature has to offer!

 On another day you would have found... Old-Fashion, Lye Soap (made by my mother) & freshly cut Lavender from the greenhouse that has been scattered to dry.  Oh, how I loved that scent lingering in my office/studio that day!

 Above where I do the majority of my painting, writing & creating... is my son's kindergarden graduation photo, a stack of my prized books... by Mary Jane Butter's (I was very fortunate to spend the whole day with this lady a few years back, another post) & an old smoking pipe, a reminder of my father.
I encourage you to surround yourself with 'things' that bring you happiness... especially in places where you spend most of your time.

 I love me some... simple, old locker baskets!  This one holds stained, coffee filters ready to be added to garlands & quick-to-grab, clothes pins for clipping up notes, lists or messages.

 Hanging by one of the windows is an old, hanging lantern taken from the little, farmhouse that once was on our property, my hubby was raised in this little home.

Looking close, you can see I house my scissors, tags, markers & all the such in an old chicken feeder. And oh, how I love the word... Prosper! I have more words about the room to inspire me throughout the day.

 You will see a few of my... Resolutions for '2011', attached to containers holding art supplies that are used daily... a reminder to make them happen!

 And lastly... I've gathered a few of my, Vintage Tableclothes, folded & placed neatly on top of my printer/copier/fax machine (the up-to-date one).  I love seeing these colors, they bring a smile to my face & make me think of brighter, Spring days ahead. 

I hope you have enjoyed alittle of my world... 'Where Days R Well Spent'!  I have more to share of my... office/studio in the near future, stay tuned!



  1. Missed your blog! love your little space!

  2. Love reading your blog, it's always fun to take a trip through another's workspace and day... enjoy~

  3. Christy... so glad to be back! I have missed you as well. I hope to bring you lots of inspiration!

  4. Yes, it is truly a treat to see inside of someone else's world! I adore your work & all that you have to offer yourself!

  5. Hi pam...great blog!

  6. How about some stories and pics of Miss martha. Some of my favorite blogs feature pets from time to time! Wishing you all the best!
    Florida hugs :)

  7. Wondering about the stained coffee filters and what you do with them. Hate to throw mine in the compost every day. Just one more excuse to collect and hoard!!

  8. OMGosh, so happy I found you:) Can't wait to really browse your lovely inspiring blog...I so need to work on my ~herb garden~

    My world is so "cluttered" right now...thanks so much:)

    ~Gail running errands and coming right back :)


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