Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Whole Lot of Leg Goin' On'

Goodness... time is surely passing by OR I'm lagging behind. I've kinda, sorta... took a breather yesterday, with all the rain, it wasn't hard to do just that.  I'm beginning to ponder upon the thought... that I've bitten off more than I can chew, can anyone relate to that??? 
Of course, I have lots of greenhouse photos to share, but I wanted this project to take preference over them right now... as some of you may know, I change furniture in my home LIKE I change sheets on the beds... weekly!  BUT hubby says this table isn't to be sold, but... but... but...

This project took some time, as you can see... this baby has a few more legs goin' on & on top of that... PLEASE, forgive me for this one... painting over CHERRY involved a few more coats of paint, yes, I said, CHERRY!

But you gotta love the outcome, oh, how I did... sharing alittle leg here, I truly love the detail!

Here you can see the table paired with the  '6' tall back, cherry chairs that orginally came with the table... I seriously don't think I will attempt each of these, for now they will stay until I find a change OR a buyer... hee, hee... hubby never mentioned the chairs having to stay. And of course, my style has changed... so our summer project is painting over ALL this color you see, yes... KILZ here we come.  I'm going to a soft, white tone & by the way... curtains have been replaced & sofa has been given away since this photo.

I'm leaving you with a close up of the antiquing on one of the legs... I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze, I normally use Minwax Stain for this purpose, but had to give this product a try & I was pleased with the results.  

Hope this gets you in the mood for some... painting & gets you over the jitters when it comes to painting over certain finishes that you absolutely DON'T like... provide yourself with something that you truly love & can be proud of... remember it's your HOME! 

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