Thursday, April 7, 2011

You JUST gotta have an Easter Tree...

For all those who don't know... my great-niece, well, let me kindly introduce you to Miss Mia, my little shadow & YES, she surely does believe she is my shadow... LOL!  If you follow me on Facebook you will find each season Miss Mia & I making memories while being creative.  Today we have gathered branches from my ALL time favorite tree... the Birch Tree, the branches are wonderful to work with & the color of them just adds extra appeal to the finished project.  As you can see in the photo, she is beyond ready to hang the petite, egg ornaments.

Let's get started... each one is hung with great care, THAT'S scary, NOW I'm beginning to think she IS my shadow... LOL!  It was so sweet just watching her concentrate on where every egg should go, I will forever treasure this in my heart... as some of you may know also... she calls us Grandma & Papa & the whole time it was, "Grandma, look... where this egg go?" PRICELESS!!! I so encourage you to make special memories with children, it not only fills their soul, but your soul as well, I PROMISE!  And each time... I reminence of memories past with my own son, of all the eggs that were hung on trees... my soul still runneth over even today.

Each egg beautifully hung, a sparkle in our eyes & hearts that share the same memory for a lifetime... Simply Beautiful!


P.S.  Would love to hear of the memories made during this special season!

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