Monday, April 11, 2011

Pure Enjoyment N Painting...

Well... time is of the essence, so we KNOW this wasn't done lately, like I do most of the time... I take photos & share later, so with that being said... I have back up photos that would probably cover the rest of the year out in post & I STILL have camera in hand most of my days. 

Sharing an... OH, SO EASY, tutorial on sponging a brick walkway to wherever you want the path to lead, this one just so happens to begin at the front door of the shop & winds around to the back door, not a far distance, but I kept it wide.  And I wanted something different besides the red, brick look (mostly what I've always used), something REFRESHING & BRIGHT to go with the ALL new look coming to Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares.

As you can see in the photo... I've used a VERY cheap sponge for this reason... if the sponge gets sloppy it can easily be tossed, no worry!  Here I've used... Antique White, Wicker White & Burnt Umber for shading in the Folkart Acrylic Paint, of course, the floor was base coated with a totally different type of paint made especially for high traffic areas & then sealed with several coats of Polyurethane.

I blend the Antique White & Wicker White, getting a two-tone color then using my... CHEAP sponge I move in a circular motion picking up the Burnt Umber with the edge of the sponge, giving it a marblized look.  Don't be too perfect, because we all know bricks have variations of color throughout their surface & can have chips & breaks... here & there.  We surely want them to look as nature as possible, just as if we gathered them from an old home place.

Now start placing the brick where you want them to go, you will find that you will be having to pick up alot of paint during this project to get a full color brick, so be patient. This can even be done on walls, a patio floor, on a piece of furniture, wherever the path it may lead to I'm sure the results will be WELL worth your time.

I truly hope that you've enjoyed this LITTLE TUTORIAL... I surely hope to find the time to bring you more in the future. Lord, knows... I have plenty of photos ready to upload!  Hoping you a Good Day... my friend!



  1. This is such a clever idea - I love it!! Now I'm wondering how it would change one of the basement paneled walls downstairs...

  2. Thank you... Wandering Whimsies for stopping by to visit! Enjoy your painting... would be delightful on those paneled walls. =]

  3. I like it Pam, is that on concrete?! Was the base coat a special kind for concrete? Wondering as I would like to try this with a little variation....

  4. Hello Carla...

    No, it's not concrete... was painted on wood that was prepared with paint specially made for high traffic areas. I listed what paint I used, but I used a clear coat over it in several layers. Ask people at your local paint store, they will know.

    Thanks for your interest & have a wonderful day, Pamela


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