Sunday, December 22, 2013

The SIMPLENESS of home...

Another Sunday has dawned here at the farm &
I can't help, BUT to feel blessed, to be GLAD
that my surroundings are that of SIMPLENESS.
Just as you see at a glance... there is purpose in
the decor I have chosen for my home.  

My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD.
Psalms 104:34

Photos surely do tell a story as well as create a window
to a persons soul!  

Last evening... after a day spent pouring out my soul
to the sake of missing my dear, precious momma, I turned

to the kitchen, a place where 'Granna' spent the
majority of her days.  And without reflecting on what I was
gathering to prepare, I studied the ingredients & found...
it was 'Granna's' most favorite; a SIMPLE
chocolate cake with a powdered-sugar glaze.
And with that... I gave a
slight smile while peering up at the evening sky
from the kitchen window.

And as the cake was baking... a hot cup of
'Candy Cane' (a MUST to try ) Cocoa was being sipped on while
the winter wind howled outdoor.

'The SIMPLENESS of home... comforts the soul' 
~Pamela Anthony


  1. Happy Christmas Pam, and to all your extended family. I know this first Christmas without your sweet momma will be the hardest, but she gave you a lifetime of love and memories!

  2. I'm DELIGHTED that you have stopped in this evening & THANK YOU, ever so much for the kind words you have shared. And YES, definitely much love & memories to cherish indeed! Hoping you a 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' & 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' as well, my dear friend!


GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene