Saturday, March 15, 2014

Looking Back...

Greetings... from the farm on this warm, March day!
Hoping you have a moment to spare... I've gotten
a bit to share today, of a SWEET, 'intimate' WORKSHOP
& brunch that was offered here in my home.

SO, grab your hot, mug of coffee OR tea,
as well as paper & pen, for jotting down a scrumptious,
chicken recipe that I have to offer
along the way!

'Miss Charlotte' was very much styled for the
occasion & was center stage among the dishes
that were served!

The tables were adorned with matching, hand-quilted
runners that my precious 'Momma' & I had stitched years back.
A sprinkling of cut-glass was scattered about for
extra sparkle & it makes for a GREAT
conversation as well!

Each party received an individual, personalized
place setting for what focused around
our theme 'Our Nest' for the day!

A buttercream-yellow, paper & angel hair were
nestled inside a vintage, berry basket to replicate
a spring nest, along with a small, dried gourd.
Then I tucked in a guinea feather as well as...
a dip mix & a pattern of 'Our Nest' project.
All was tidied up in a wide, satin chocolate ribbon
trimmed with individual, name tags which was
topped off with a small, DARLING message tag!

Next I presented each lady with a base-coated,
sign board, for each one, to bring life to
 with their OWN creativity & style!

It TRULY was a fun time to be among like-minded
ladies & to share the love of the Lord, all awhile
creating a piece for their home!

The ladies were given flower choices to paint, hand-painted
as the pattern shown OR by using a SIMPLE stamp that
was created from leftover celery

A scrumptious, HOT brunch of 'Country Club-Style
Hot Chicken Salad' was served with croissant rolls...
 along with their choice of 'Strawberry Lemonade'
(strawberries from the farm) OR coffee!

'Cherry-Honey Scones' topped with a
SIMPLE, sugar glaze!

And a 'Pepper Dip' from the shoppe was quickly
prepared for in between munchies!

A last glance of BEAUTIFUL, talented work
done by one of the SWEET ladies whom attended,
she opt for the stamping celery! :)

It was my pleasure to host this workshop & I look forward
to MANY more throughout the year!

Hoping EACH of YOU a lovely weekend... from the farm!

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