Friday, October 24, 2014

GLORIOUS weekend...

Hoping this finds YOU well & off
to a GRANDE weekend!

Here at the farm... there have been MANY
happenings & might I add... CHANGES!
The details STILL are not clear & confirmed
 SO that will be for another day!

As for NOW... I would be DELIGHTED
to have YOU join me over at my
BUSINESS, Facebook Page...
 Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden!
There YOU will find daily happenings...
farm chores; growing tips & show events!

Oh, one other tad-bit of NEWS...
after searching high & low for a
SUPERB, Soy Candle...
I have to inform YOU... it's been found!
NOW, offering autumn aroma's... with
upcoming fragrances for the
'Christmas In The Country' season!

BLESSED weekend...


  1. Can not wait to hear about "changes"...they are always exciting! love the page and wonderful photos. talk to you soon!

    1. THANK YOU, dearly... sweetie pie! Hope you gals are doing well & YES, see you soon! ;)

  2. Pamela, sweet, kind Pamela,
    Thank you for dropping by Bittersweet blog the other day.
    I noticed we have a mutual friend, Clarice from Storybook Woods.
    She's a dear, dear friend. Isn't it amazing how folks gently come into your life? No accidents, I believe. Hope all is well. Love the tractor pic! Love Jill ♥ (two hugs) 00

    1. Hello, there SWEET darling... Jill!
      I'm JUST now seeing this wonderful comment... ummmm, haven't even visited my own blog for sometime! Hoping to get back into the swing of it... & work it! ;)

      I'm TRULY grateful for your friendship & the MANY blessings you send out daily!

      Hope to see you SOON... ~Pamela


GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene