Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's a FAMILY tradition...

It's a FAMILY tradition... 

YIPPPEEEE... the time has came, you know... that time when ALL the family come HOME for Christmas!?  Those moments, that are surrounded by opportunities to share LOVE... to create a NEW tradition OR to carry on an OLD tradition! 

And WHAT a better tradition... than an evening spent gathered in the kitchen, with family & friends rolling out dough!  As the carols are sung & the glow of lights TWINKLE through the window, everyone is merrily adding their personal touch to each HOMEMADE, sugar cookie!

AND look at what JUST so happened joined
the MarketPlace... a set of VINTAGE, Holly Cookie Cutters, with ONLY one set

Happy Baking... from the farmhouse!


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    1. Rosemary... is that YOU, from long ago??? OMGoodness... I'm truly hoping it is!

      THANK YOU, for visiting... & PLEASE, visit again!
      MUCH LOVE... Pamela


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