Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sharing from... ©'The Apron Pocket'

HEART-FELT words from ©'The Apron Pocket'

It's quarter after noontime, a time zone here 
on the farm... that seems to be appropriate for savoring
a cup of hot coffee with EXTRA hazelnut cream!  

My body tells me that aging is NOT for me to question 
anymore & to handle it with care, as opposed to the days
of when the energy/adrenaline would surpass 
the moments that required to be filled!

 NOW, I faintly here those words, my precious
mother would often say, 'there will be a slowing down
season, listen to what your body is telling you'!

I look ALL around these 4 small acres here...
that has grown to out-weigh what my hands 
can offer... then I look toward heaven to remind myself  
that... the things which are seen are temporal.

While we look not at the things
which are seen, but at the things which are 
not seen: for the things which are seen 
are temporal; but the things which are not seen 
are eternal.    2 Corinthians 4:18

 Hope these words bring comfort wherever
they may be needed... & REMEMBER
satan blinds; God gives light!

SWEET blessings, from the farm...

Stylin' In The Garden...

The 'NEW' garden fashion...

JUST wondering how many hours could a body
possibly accomplish in the garden... stylin' in these SWEET babies?
There would be plenty of moments using
the hoe & shovel as leaning tools, instead
of gardening tools!

For NOW... they are JUST garden decor! :)

Hoping you a LOVELY day in the garden!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Looking Back...

Greetings... from the farm on this warm, March day!
Hoping you have a moment to spare... I've gotten
a bit to share today, of a SWEET, 'intimate' WORKSHOP
& brunch that was offered here in my home.

SO, grab your hot, mug of coffee OR tea,
as well as paper & pen, for jotting down a scrumptious,
chicken recipe that I have to offer
along the way!

'Miss Charlotte' was very much styled for the
occasion & was center stage among the dishes
that were served!

The tables were adorned with matching, hand-quilted
runners that my precious 'Momma' & I had stitched years back.
A sprinkling of cut-glass was scattered about for
extra sparkle & it makes for a GREAT
conversation as well!

Each party received an individual, personalized
place setting for what focused around
our theme 'Our Nest' for the day!

A buttercream-yellow, paper & angel hair were
nestled inside a vintage, berry basket to replicate
a spring nest, along with a small, dried gourd.
Then I tucked in a guinea feather as well as...
a dip mix & a pattern of 'Our Nest' project.
All was tidied up in a wide, satin chocolate ribbon
trimmed with individual, name tags which was
topped off with a small, DARLING message tag!

Next I presented each lady with a base-coated,
sign board, for each one, to bring life to
 with their OWN creativity & style!

It TRULY was a fun time to be among like-minded
ladies & to share the love of the Lord, all awhile
creating a piece for their home!

The ladies were given flower choices to paint, hand-painted
as the pattern shown OR by using a SIMPLE stamp that
was created from leftover celery

A scrumptious, HOT brunch of 'Country Club-Style
Hot Chicken Salad' was served with croissant rolls...
 along with their choice of 'Strawberry Lemonade'
(strawberries from the farm) OR coffee!

'Cherry-Honey Scones' topped with a
SIMPLE, sugar glaze!

And a 'Pepper Dip' from the shoppe was quickly
prepared for in between munchies!

A last glance of BEAUTIFUL, talented work
done by one of the SWEET ladies whom attended,
she opt for the stamping celery! :)

It was my pleasure to host this workshop & I look forward
to MANY more throughout the year!

Hoping EACH of YOU a lovely weekend... from the farm!