Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Deep LOVE For Worn Picks...

It will not
always be summer;
build barns.
- Hesiod

Good GRACIOUS... time surely doesn't
wait for anyone, even in the garden... it
seems to be in a ZIPPY hurry!
Especially when YOU have creative
projects JUST sitting about...
waiting for that PERFECT timing!

Well... honey, I'm a gardener's testimony, you've
gotta take hold & JUST create!
Those WEEDS will wait, they'll STILL
be there, don't you worry your PRETTY,
little apron to shreds about that one!

Oh, garden goodness...
do I create NOW, yes... it's pleasing to
the soul, to release... ALL these originals!

Sharing the DEEP love for ole' worn picks,
that have been transformed into garden
decor, NOT only for sight, BUT functional as well!

For several years now...
old, cake carriers have been my DEEP love!
And here recently... VINTAGE, metal/tin
bread boxes have wiggled into the
collection of goods, ALL for the
same purpose OR re-purpose project!

In EACH photo you can gain an
idea of what's being created to
result in one, TRULY delightful piece!

The possibilities are BEYOND
imaginable with THESE beauties!

THIS particular one, stole my heart...
with the color & patina it offered from
the get-go! BUT... I'm happy to announce,
it went to a LOVING home for a
farm table centerpiece... throughout
the summer months!

ANYTHING goes when it
comes to planting... I prefer to nestle & tuck
in annuals among perennials & herbs!

And for the LOVE of Succulents...
adding these will JUST enhance the
over-all, finished piece!
Oh... JUST a moment, Sedum was
almost forgotten... these are
known as 'Spillers' & add a WHIMSICAL
interest along the edge as they tumble
out along the container/planter!

NOW... unless you have some stashed
away OR happen to have Aunt Susie's, which
has seen it's better days... I suggest YOU get to
plundering about the JUNK shops,
THRIFT stores & swap meets... in order
to find that prized... cake carrier/bread box
for some time WELL SPENT in the garden!

Sunday BLESSINGS... from the farmhouse!


  1. Always a delight to see your post's...great stories and beautiful pictures...if you have a minute sometime drop by my IG page @vintagethruthyme....thank you, Lori

    1. Good Sunday... dear, Lori!

      I'm ALWAYS glad to see you about... & YES, I will surely visit you on IG... see you soon!

      ~Sincerely... Pamela


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