Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn brings NEW Faith...

There is a harmony in autumn
and a luster in it's sky,
which through the summer
is not heard OR seen.
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

It's a MISTY autumn evening
here in Kentucky, one that makes you 
want to curl up under an ole' 
quilt, book in hand, while sipping
on a FINE cup of dark roast coffee!

BUT... at the moment, that thought will
have to be pushed aside, for things 
are in SUCH a disarray here at the farm!

I'm leaning on FAITH of those 
days to come, for the comfort of tomorrow...
& the NEW possibilities that lie ahead! 

With each passing day...
& autumn NOW here, the moment
has came to bid old things farewell!

In the coming weeks... I hope to know
the true feeling of a bountiful fall, one
that presents peace, love & understanding!

Oh, SWEET friends... I have SO much
to share... & will SURELY do so in due time!
BUT, for NOW... I sincerely ask for your
time, JUST a moment of prayer
that God's will be done & ALL that
I do be to glorify Him!

BLESSED evening... from the heart!


  1. love the photo....and that granny quilt....excited to hear your news and so love Autumn...wish it would slow down, however!

    1. Good 'Sunday' Evening... dear!
      I'm SO grateful for your visit & kind words shared... YES, autumn does need to slow down a bit... in order to enjoy a moment of coolness! BLESSED evening... ~Pamela


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