Thursday, September 24, 2015


The Earth has rolled around again
and harvest time is here,
The glory of the seasons
And the crown of all the year.
-Carolyn Wells

The days of AUTUMN 
are upon us & those welcoming symptoms
present themselves in MANY forms!

One of those forms... is through
our wardrobe & the accessories we choose!

And VINTAGE is what I choose...
with a whole lotta COUNTRY girl charm!

With years of roaming the countryside,
plundering through ole' homesteads
to gather VINTAGE goods, I've ALWAYS
salvaged every piece of clothing & accessories
my hands could grab! 

SO for the FIRST time ever...
there will be offerings from the small,
FINE collection of vintage wears/wares
that's been tucked away!

ALONG... with a SWEET gathering
of 'Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden'...
high quality, cotton T's!  PERFECT for
wearing underneath those button-up flannels
throughout the autumn & winter season!
The accessories that I will be toting
to the upcoming show... will be ALL
things VINTAGE, NO current day bling,
JUST old time goodness, SUCH as
this slide, choker chain embellished
with large, pearls!
With this sampling of finds shared...
along with other, SUPERB talent showcasing
their goods... I hope that I can encourage YOU
to attend this GRAND event!

HERE are the full details...
The Hayloft Fall Barn Sale
(click on link above & mark your calendar)

I TRULY look forward to seeing YOU...
AUTUMN blessings... 

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