Saturday, October 3, 2015

October has ARRIVED...

"Come, little leaves," said the
wind one day.
"Come over the meadows with me
and play;
Put on your dresses of red and
For summer is gone and the days
grow cold."

Poet: George Cooper

Let's put our hands together... the month
of October is HERE, YIPPPEEE!

For MANY it's a time of nesting,
a time for harvest & a time for CHANGE!
With October... brings SWEET
samplings of pumpkins, gourds... squash &
EVERYTHING straw-filled OR tucked!

I absolutely love the FRESHNESS of
straw OR hay (sage color stage)!
Lol... while in Texas this previous spring,
I was gifted some of the MOST
grandest, sage color hay to use along
the beaten down trails of shoppers & pickers, alike!
 Wellllll... wet area's OR not... I was sure to
be salvaging some of this fine material...
to nestle into ironstone,
concrete planters, barrels & other finds!

Annnd... don't think I didn't...
feverishly go about the place, after
2+ weeks of show... & scoop up
EVERY, dry shred that remained about
my booth area!  I STILL today...
use that MAGNIFICENT... little,
 sage color hay as if it were strands of gold!

LOL... with ALL that being said...
JUST make sure you have a bag
set aside for those simple, decorating touches!
Of course, NO matter the season...
October OR July... ironstone ALWAYS
steals the show... with ALL the well-worn
character it offers... from the crazing
to the dark, mishap chips, it's ALL desirable!

THIS little bowl... & it's FINE filler
of straw, PLUS... '3' hand-painted eggs
are up for offer over at the MarketPlace!

It's a OOAK... filled with TRUE simpleness!
And of ALL the colors among
the varieties of pumpkins... WHITE
wins over the soul... here you'll see...
where I've replica
the WHITE Lumina variety!

A NEW design for the '2015'
autumn season!
The gardener's take heart to these
ADORABLE, little shelf sitters!
Their ease of being tucked into a pot OR
other plant container spells the

ALSO, a NEW design for '2015'!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hoping THIS month of October...
brings YOU... the warmth of what
speaks to YOUR heart!

BLESSED evening... 

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