Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The CHARM of November...

November has ARRIVED...
with her 'WINTERIZING LIST' of duties to perform!
ALONG with orders for the upcoming holiday,
orders such as the ole' sausage grinder, turned
succulent, table-side planter (above).
A vintage, kitchen piece that was
well-known during the autumn season,
throughout ages past!
When out on the road... weather it be
for picking purposes OR finishing up a show,
the thoughts are always pondering the
NEXT project OR idea!
And with the majority of THOSE
pondering thoughts... the garden aspect
is considered in almost every, last idea!
For the LOVE of gardening runs deep from
within my soul... a passion my PRECIOUS 'Momma'
left instilled in her '3' girls!

Shown above...  are HANDMADE, original
sunflowers... strutting their full size in the wind!
PERFECT accent for the gardens throughout
the fall months... with added purpose of
a bird feeder... JUST cup the leaves,
creating a steady landing spot for birds
to perch while they enjoy a
scrumptious treat!
And as I turn to the garden once more...
November brings those cooler temps
to lead us into EVEN colder fronts as the 
winter season sits in.  As the gardens turn
to dismay & debris... skeletons of plants
that were once said... BEAUTY are NOW
not so, on this November day!  

So, what's a gardener to do... well, 
THIS gardener went in search of the tried & TRUE...
happy-faced PANSY!  
I happened upon a little, 
quaint garden center while
traveling the back roads in Kentucky
last week & had full-mind... that
PANSIES were the purchase for this visit!

And I absolutely LOVED the idea of 
their packaging, instead of a plastic tray...
my PANSIES were nestled inside of a 
large, paper bag with care & handed 
to me as if they were nuggets of gold!
The service was exceptional with
my $6 dollar purchase of PANSIES... 
No wonder they're pushing their
35th year of business!!!

Hoping YOU a day well spent in the garden... 


  1. Great post, girl. And I love the grinder arrangement! I think we may have one of those. �� ~ Cheryl

    1. Good Evening... my precious friend, Cheryl! I'm SO glad to see you here... I truly hope to be here more often! ;)

      ENJOY creating with your vintage grinder... PANSIES are a cutie in them too!

      MUCH LOVE... Pamela


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