Thursday, January 7, 2016

~ SWEET 2 The Soul...

The desire to accomplish is sweet to the soul...
Proverbs 13:19

The farmhouse has been a BUSY gathering place...
a busy that brings a WELCOMING warmth for me, one that
soothes the soul, one that can mend the broken counterparts!

It's been filled with the ringing of laughter, the smiles
of genuine folks & my closest family!
The farm table was adored with...
SIMPLICITY & charm; faux greenery 
as a filler for crock & FRESH greens 
tucked providing a whimsical look!

And an ole' VINTAGE, pillar candle...
one of two, I found in my shop/business stash!
THIS pair of candles have literally been
with me for... at least 10 years!
I know... can YOU believe that???
They're ONLY lite during guest hours... &
then safely tucked away for the next gathering
OR need... they have actually been rented out before, 
NOW that's a hoot, even to myself!
That goes to show you... 
it's NOT in the expense of things...
it's ALL in the taste/style!

Oh... & you see the superb, chenille
bedspread, don't YOU??? It too, was an
inexpensive find... TRULY to my up-most surprise...
to believe someone could actually part with a FINE,
vintage piece, is BEYOND me & for ONLY
$5.00, yep... you heard that right, a $5.00 bill!

SO... as I've began to tidy & FRESHEN
each of the rooms, I'm being drawn back to
THIS chenille piece... trying to decide,
do I keep it OR does it come up for offer over at
Beehind Thyme MarketPlace...hummmm,
the decisions a lady has to make!
As Christmas decor is being put to rest...
there are some things that JUST have to
remain... living treasures, which give
life to one's soul... as THIS Christmas
cactus does, for it carries my PRECIOUS
'Momma's' memories!  SO... for now,
it will stay planted in the sunniest location
here in my kitchen, until the heart says...
it's time to return to the greenhouse & wait
for yet another Christmas season!
And for NOW... the twinkling of lights
stay put, for the BRIGHTNESS... it brings
throughout these January days, lifts
the spirit of things!

Here's to a NEW year filled with...
hopes & dreams, accompanied with
daily devotions & prayers!

~ With SINCERE thoughts...


  1. Always enjoy your inspiring post's! Thank you, Lori

    1. Good Afternoon... Lori & thank YOU, for JUST your presence being here, I'm TRULY grateful for your friendship, dear!

      'Happy New Year'... & BLESSED weekend! ~Pamela

  2. Happy New year you are amazing...

    1. 'Happy New Year' to YOU as well... Junk Mafia & thank YOU, for your kind words!

      ~Sincerely... Pamela


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