Sunday, January 31, 2016

HOME... is where the story begins...

Collect things you love,
that are authentic to you,
and your house
becomes your story.
-Erin Flett 

Goodness... it's already the second month
of another year & that fast it's February 17th!
Everyday means a closer step
toward spring, a renewal time of year!
And... here at the farm, it brings on a change
of things about the home!  I love trading 
places & spaces with some of my favorite 
pieces around the house!
The focus EVERY year is simplicity...
that means cleared counter space;
less furniture & NO rugs/throw rugs,
JUST texture tile & smooth hardwood!

Oh, by the way... these ADORABLE 
grouping of VINTAGE creamers are up 
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(THIS grouping of IRONSTONE has been SOLD)

Then there's ironstone...
there could NEVER be enough said,
IRONSTONE can create that warm, SIMPLE
feeling inside ANY home!

If you're like me... you have several
different collections & there's more times
than not... a story is carried with them OR the
reason for becoming a collector of
one particular piece!

I say with EACH season...
there comes this nesting mood to
CREATE a homey feeling... BUT, not
at the expense of a cluttered look,
SO choose those collections carefully!

(This grouping of GOODS has been SOLD)
If you're like me... you have several
different collections & it's okay
to mix & match!  I like to 
keep a warm, solid tone flowing...
as ABOVE, mixing in some 
white milk glass along side the 
ironstone... gives it dimension,
as the white patina from the 
VINTAGE concrete does as well!

AND... the nesting of SPRING 
isn't complete without adding a touch
of herbs, whether it be dried OR fresh!

It's all about creating 
that HOME;
your home; my home; 
her home; his home; their home!

Don't miss the SMALL things
that speaks YOUR story!


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