Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Cozy Of An Idea...

Fashion fades,
only style remains the same.
-Coco Chanel 
Welcome... & GOOD day, 
SWEET one... I'm honored 
by your time/visit today!

I'm sure the MOST concern
at the moment is keeping your home 
warm & toasty,
due to these rigid, single digits,
that Mother Nature has offered us!
BUT, it IS winter, though &
it comes with THOSE temps expected, right...
at least in most parts of the U.S.?

AND... with keeping our homes 
warm & toasty, we often prefer 
to do that in some type of style!

Well... today, I wanted to take a moment
to share JUST one, VERY small detail!
A detail, that's one of the 
SIMPLEST... ways of cozy-ing up the home!
It's an old way of mine... has been
for many years, now!

Instead of a blanket, lap quilt OR throw...
I'm often found... using COTTON tablecloth's!
YES... you surely did happen to hear
that right... tablecloth's! 
The one shown, is actually
a round one, somewhat tattered, BUT...
still puts forth warmth all the same!
My personal preference are solid colors...
BUT, the style/color is to one's soul!

Throughout the tag-sale season...
I'm ALWAYS scurrying for vintage 
linens for this particular use & countless others!
SO... with no time waiting... go ahead...
peek inside your linen closet to see 
what might could be had, no $'s spent, 
BUT, well worth the warmth!
AND... no, shape doesn't matter!

With Friendly... Warmth... 

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