Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Deep LOVE For Worn Picks...

It will not
always be summer;
build barns.
- Hesiod

Good GRACIOUS... time surely doesn't
wait for anyone, even in the garden... it
seems to be in a ZIPPY hurry!
Especially when YOU have creative
projects JUST sitting about...
waiting for that PERFECT timing!

Well... honey, I'm a gardener's testimony, you've
gotta take hold & JUST create!
Those WEEDS will wait, they'll STILL
be there, don't you worry your PRETTY,
little apron to shreds about that one!

Oh, garden goodness...
do I create NOW, yes... it's pleasing to
the soul, to release... ALL these originals!

Sharing the DEEP love for ole' worn picks,
that have been transformed into garden
decor, NOT only for sight, BUT functional as well!

For several years now...
old, cake carriers have been my DEEP love!
And here recently... VINTAGE, metal/tin
bread boxes have wiggled into the
collection of goods, ALL for the
same purpose OR re-purpose project!

In EACH photo you can gain an
idea of what's being created to
result in one, TRULY delightful piece!

The possibilities are BEYOND
imaginable with THESE beauties!

THIS particular one, stole my heart...
with the color & patina it offered from
the get-go! BUT... I'm happy to announce,
it went to a LOVING home for a
farm table centerpiece... throughout
the summer months!

ANYTHING goes when it
comes to planting... I prefer to nestle & tuck
in annuals among perennials & herbs!

And for the LOVE of Succulents...
adding these will JUST enhance the
over-all, finished piece!
Oh... JUST a moment, Sedum was
almost forgotten... these are
known as 'Spillers' & add a WHIMSICAL
interest along the edge as they tumble
out along the container/planter!

NOW... unless you have some stashed
away OR happen to have Aunt Susie's, which
has seen it's better days... I suggest YOU get to
plundering about the JUNK shops,
THRIFT stores & swap meets... in order
to find that prized... cake carrier/bread box
for some time WELL SPENT in the garden!

Sunday BLESSINGS... from the farmhouse!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Days Of August...

August Is Like
The Sunday
Of Summer!
- Unknown

Today has dawned a cool, August
morning here in Kentucky!

There is NO doubt that the weather
is shifting gears...

And I'm TRULY ready for that
warm comfort of Fall, how about YOU???

BLESSED day... lovely friends!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


'Fairest of months; 
ripe Summer's Queen
The hey-day of the year
With robes that gleam with sunny sheen,
Sweet August doth appear.'
- R. Combe Miller

The signs of August lie near...
the dog days of summer are here!
AND with that... brings an abundance
of bounty among the hydrangeas, 
zinnia's & the STRONG, 
towering sunflowers!

Throughout the past weeks, 
there have been days here in Kentucky
 JUST too hot for outdoor duties!
Therefore... my thoughts & hands
 have turned to sketching 
with NEW designs being spit out two-fold!

Sunflowers being a staple
for years here at the farm... I couldn't
pass up the desire to add one OR two
to this season's series!

Look for HAND-PAINTED...
sunflower, home decor at 
ALL the up-coming... 
autumn/fall shows & events!

NOW... back to these DELIGHTFUL
variety of hydrangeas, 'Limelight'!

There's OFTEN the question...
'When is the right time to harvest
hydrangeas to obtain the BEST
finished product'?

Well... even though I've grown hydrangeas
for years offering them as potted goods,
fresh cuts & dried bundles... I STILL
find myself guessing myself!

When harvesting this one
particular hydrangea... 'Limelight', 
you are looking for a couple of things!
FIRST... timing is the ultimate key, it's
better to allow the blossom to dry slightly
while still on the shrub.
Depending on what state/garden zone
experiment on harvesting from 
August through October!

The blossoms will sometimes
pick up a beautiful shade of pink
when left on, especially in the south region!

PER: Phyllis Harris, a phenomenal, 
floral designer in the Nashville area...
states, 'If 'Limelight' Hydrangeas are still 
white, they will collapse into almost
nothing, they have to remain green,
for several weeks before harvesting!

Dry them in a cool place to prevent

I, personally like to strip my leaves as 
I harvest to save on a shredded mess later! 
BUT, I have been known to leave the 
leaves for MORE interest & fullness! 

The time to harvest is AFTER
the morning dew has resided,
trying your best NOT to harvest during
the hottest hours of the day!

Here... you'll notice I harvest
them by the box full, it JUST helps
me on saving time, by placing them heads-up
as I go from hydrangea to hydrangea!
They will remain in the box
as positioned for at least 5-7 days,
 until dried to a ruffle feel!

And JUST one more tip...
REALLY a personal one for me!
I absolutely LOVE harvesting them
leaving long stems attached,
 that way the possibilities are
ENDLESS in decorating!

Hoping this gives YOU an insight
of how to harvest THOSE
magnificent blossoms, in order
to ENJOY a growing
gift that JUST keeps on giving!

BLESSED evening... & Happy Harvesting...
from my garden to YOURS!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


A garden 
it feeds more 
than the table,
it feeds the soul.
- Unknown

The TRUE gardener
takes pride in EACH season given
beneath the sun!
The harvest
brings BEAUTY that will last.
Her hands carefully
place the petals in a preservative,
in order to offer the flower
another life, once more!

A life spent...
creating a house
into a HOME!

BLESSED 'Sunday' Evening...
from the drying shed!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nature's BEAUTY Flourishes...

If you truly love Nature,
you'll find beauty
- Van Gogh

Well, you know it's summer here in Kentucky...
 it's harvest time in the gardens,
 as well as the road side & neighboring fields!

AND... Queen Anne's Lace is NO exception... OR
might I say... 'Wild Carrot'!
I absolutely LOVE the name 'Wild Carrot'
for some reason... Mr. McGregor & Benjamin Rabbit
  waffles through my mind as I view
this BELOVED flower!

There are fields of 'Wild Carrot'... here in the country
these days!  The harvest has been PLENTIFUL...
which makes for a bountiful autumn of dried
floral's to be offered online & through
the upcoming shows!

THANK YOU, for allowing time to visit with me this evening...
I look SO forward to spending more time with each of you!

BLESSED evening... LOVELY friends!