Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 'JOY'...

 Grant us 'JOY',
supply your grace-

A reminder... of that night SO long ago
And of the sweet child we would know as
JESUS, bestowing great love to the world.

Let us remember... & not lose sight!

Feeling MUCH gratefulness to have my mother...

We are to ENJOY the simple things... 

The stockings were hung & filled with LOVE!

Twinkling lights makes everything seem right...

Our goal should be to SHARE the 'JOY'
that Jesus has so freely gave...
to comfort those that are hurting in this
world today.

I'm SO blessed beyond measure for my
surroundings on this day & everyday... my hope
is to spread His love to all the precious souls!

With GREAT love on this Christmas Day!

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