Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old & New... Mingle Together!

Good Morning... Folks!
I'm DELIGHTED you have chosen to stop in for a visit!

As you ALL may know... I LOVE bringing a little of nature indoor 
whatever season it may be.  For a year now I have gathered FEATHERS 
from where my Guineas have shed them all about the farm, SO 
you KNOW I have one, fine collection!
They have been tucked here & there throughout 
the home, JUST as the vintage, ironstone teapot has been
a dropping spot for when I stroll back in from the afternoon feeding.

It's TRULY amazing... how the SMALLEST of things
bring SUCH delight!

Plain & Simple is what this French-Style, Zinc Planter has
to offer... it TOO has been an holder for
treasured finds here on the farm.
I'm LOVIN' the worn areas where rust is
peaking through... 

It's NOW being offered from my home to YOURS, 
simply click on the link above.

ALL these Old & New... fill my home to MUCH delight,

as for me... I would have it NO other way!
You will find... clusters of Old, Vintage Books on the  mantle, night stands, shelves & all about.  They are ACTUALLY taken aside 
to be read by family, friends & visitors alike, 
they create SUCH the conversation piece! 
I LOVE changing by the COLOR palette of
each books binding... to enhance the season
OR to fit the style! 
The CURRENT liking is to discard the binding, with the pages 
being exposed, tied with twine 
& little pleasure's tucked in!


And among the NEW... 

is this PRECIOUS mug my son gifted me
during Christmas.  With 'chalkboards' being a popular
staple around the home, he thought it was
appropriate, BUT with THESE words... 
there is NO erasing, they're PERMANENT here
& upon my heart!   

And I'm JUST lovin' the little
'X's & O's' he TOOK the time to
circle around the mug!


Hoping YOU a Blessed Day
filled with things of 'OLD & NEW'...
mingled among YOU!

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GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene