Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Sweetness...

Have you EVER
engulfed the fragrance
of a Camellia?

Saturday Blooms... with a soft, pale shade of PINK!
Of course, the GLORY is coming from inside the
greenhouse, it's January IN Kentucky & we ARE
speaking of... Camellia's here!
BUT... I have GOOD news for you... GARDENERS!
If you live in an area where temperatures drop -10 (Zone 6)
during the winter, chances are you haven't been able
to enjoy a Camellia in your garden til NOW...
Pictured above... is one of our COLD-HARDY VARIETIES
that we offer here at Beehind Thyme.
Take note... they DO need protection from winter winds &
early morning sun.

I'm ALSO sharing a few inspirational words from
my kitchen to yours... for you to ENGULF on as well!



  1. Love that on your slateboard....smething sometimes I need to learn..XO, Judy

  2. THANK YOU... Judy! We learn from those life lessons, which leads to wisdom & it's not an easy road getting there, BUT with the Lord's help... ALL things are possible! YOU can do it!

    Blessings from Kentucky... sweetie!


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