Monday, February 11, 2013

SIMPLE moments...

A happy life is simply the sum
of many small, happy moments.

~Penny Krugman

HAPPY MOMENTS... are found in the garden, 
ESPECIALLY when 'Mother Nature' 
offers BOUNTIFUL bouquets 
to fill your home & to be gifted 
as a token of LOVE!
(SHOWN: 'Tall Phlox' grown here
on the farm)

The sweetness...
of a PRECIOUS smile brings
'HAPPINESS' to my soul!

Days that R spent trudging about
in my FARM boots while
dressed in my APRON best...
contribute... to the HAPPY life
as well!

MUCH like... 
how 'WHITE' Ironstone makes 
me want to possibly BURST
into a song of... 

My 'HOPE' is that you find THOSE moments
in YOUR life, the SMALL, SIMPLE ones
that are often given SO freely!

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