Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Garden LEGACY...

(photo: '2013' gardens)

Welcome... to another day here at the farm, 
where there is MUCH tending to do & the 
days have NO end!
I was raised by a HARD-working mother that
never tarried a bit... & nothing OR anyone went
unattended too!

(photo: '2013' gardens)

The farm here is scattered with her love

for gardening!  As a reminder of her legacy...
her dear words of wisdom & her worn hands, these
lily bulbs where gathered from my ole', home place &
planted among others here.

(photo: '2013' gardens)

JUST as other spring bulbs have came to grow & flourish...
due to her gentleness for ALL living things!

My dear, precious 'momma' will forever reward
her loved ones that still remain, by her
growing gardens she sustained here on the farm!

And as time allows, I will surely share more
of ALL that awaits it's turn for glory!

BLESSINGS, from the farm... & with GREAT LOVE!

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