Tuesday, January 21, 2014

© 'My Apron Pocket'...

Tuesday... GREETINGS from the farm!
Hoping this finds you well & on your way about the day...
for there's much to be said, when those
words stand TRUE!

I'm believing many of you may know
that '2013' will forever hold a 'fondness' for 
me & a lose that has literally left 
me out to wander.  

You see... the 'fondness' is for the year, itself,
that I was grated '2013' to have those 
last days holding her hand, sipping coffee in her
quaint, little kitchen & seeing her beautiful smile
when she glanced up from her quilting frame.

And the lose of my precious mother... well, please
JUST keep allowing me to share the words
of comfort that happen to come from...
©'My Apron Pocket'!

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