Sunday, January 26, 2014

1st Annual 'Winter Workshop'... '2014'

Winter GREETINGS... from the farm!

With the days of winter being SO bitter cold here,
along with being coupled with cloudiness that
can & WILL happen to hinder the least of energy's 
that (you OR I) could muster-up in a day!

As the season passes, we sometimes find ourselves
longing for an outing OR gathering that 
would bring us back into focus!  

One with the same company of others... 
in a warm, inviting place...
learning OR creating a new hobby, while 
savoring the last, scrumptious bite of a dish that was 
specially prepared for the occasion!

And THAT... my friend is WHAT'S being offered here at the farm...
Saturday, February 15th... 11AM til 2PM 'EST'

1st Annual 'Winter Workshop'

Parties attending will come prepared to
learn various techniques in creating their 
VERY own painting on a board, all the while...
watching as I actually paint a section of the kitchen, back splash
inside my own home using the same painting techniques
that will be taught!

A light, seasonal luncheon will be served,
all materials will be supplied, along with a
complimentary pattern for the taking!

Space is VERY limited for this WORKSHOP,
due to the reason of it being inside my home!

ONLY '8' SEATS will be available 
for this upcoming 'Winter Workshop' inside my home!

*The FIRST of '8' that are PAID 
will be added to the attendance sheet!
Sign-ups start IMMEDIATELY...

PLEASE, feel free to contact me at the following...

OR by email:

'Winter Workshop' fee can be dropped by the shoppe OR mailed to...

Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden
353 Lone Valley Rd
Campbellsville, KY 42718

THANK YOU, my dear friends & customers for
ALL the support that has been shown throughout
the years & I anxiously wait for what '2014' 
has to offer here at the farm!

BLESSINGS, from the farm...


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