Saturday, January 25, 2014

The SWEETEST encounter...

Bright & EARLY this morning, I slumber to the kitchen
to push the button for the coffee to start flowing & then
I proceed as I ALWAYS do... going from window to window,
opening them up to the start of another day!

The living room is normally my last stop & as I was
gently sliding the curtains back... to my
wondering eyes appeared... the dearest, little rabbit!
She was standing there as if she had
something to say... OR was lookin' for someone.
For a moment her head would nod from
one direction to the next, then in an instant she noticed
 I was peering out the window, she lingered
for JUST a bit longer & then she was
well on her way!

YOU see... even though this is farmland OR
the country, some might say, we seldom
have visitors as such... SO to say the least, I was 'JOYED'
with this SWEET encounter!

Blessings, from the farm...


  1. What a wonderful post this time of year. I was actually reading "Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life" today so this post is so appropriate. I hope your visitor returns.

    1. THANK YOU, so much for stopping by, Kat & WELCOME!

      Oh, how I adore 'Beatrix Potter', of course... I have to add 'Tasha Tudor' too!

      BLESSINGS, my dear from the farm & YES, I surely hope to catch another sight of him/her soon!

  2. What a wonderful moment this must have been. There's just something about rabbits that stirs our hearts.

    1. HAPPY Sunday...

      YES, indeed a wonderful moment was at hand, the givings of nature are ones to treasure.

      THANK YOU, dearly for stopping by to visit!
      Blessings from the farm...


GREETINGS... from the farm & THANK YOU... for your time visiting here! I'm DELIGHTED... & hope YOU a blessed, JOYFUL day! ~Pamela Rene